A Trump Story: The Revolution Blues

20 Jul

The rich in NYC are having a revolution on the poor people. They want to starve us from this blighted Lower East Side neighborhood so that better housing can be built. Even the fascist government participates when aligned with Russia’s politics. They protect the rich by providing tax-free programs for developers as well as owners of condos, luxery co–ops & homes worth millions in the housing market.

Recently, I was told that the razed supermarket, Pathmark, in the middle of Rutger’s Housing projects in the Lower East Side will be Trump’s new luxery tower for millioniares. I grew up in those housing projects like many poor Asians in America. The poor depended on the supermarket’s low prices and it’s close vicinity. Now the poor have to walk over to Grand St, or to Delancey’s Essex St. Market. This methodology slowly causes starvations, famines and deaths in the community. The revolution has begun when Trump announced his candidacy for Presidency once the Pathmark and construction for the luxery condo began. By then, when the tower is completed, the masses have moved out of the community due to noise pollution, land sinkage, cracks on their walls, backed up sewage water, no parking and other urban problems. With the rich moving in, crimes will increase caused by the poor minorities enraged evictions and homelessness.

Here’s How Extell’s 800-Foot ‘One Manhattan Square’ Will Ruin the Lower East Side Skyline [PHOTOS]

To make it worse, recently Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and Settlement Housing Fund via Victor Papas, partnered with Extell to build a taller luxury “mixed income” tower. This means more rich people can live among the poor tenants in the Housing Projects. Already, small galleries and high–end businesses are encroaching the area for the future rich clienteles.



The “rich” revolution against the “poor” has control of media and projects 87 photos of George Clooney’s wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) for Maldives, a Muslim nation. (The United States Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor claims in their 2012 report on human rights practices in the country that the most significant problems are corruption, lack of religious freedom, and abuse and unequal treatment of women) After viewing 40 photos of Amal’s expensive clothes with accessories, no wonder she fends for the poor in a third world nation. The contradictions are prevalent like a Hollywood movie produced by stockbrokers.

The masses have peacefully protested, got locked up, harangued, & beaten up by Gestapo like bullies. The memories of the holocaust prevails. Later the rebellion of the “Rich” revolution will be underground like the Underground Weatherman and eventually Rock concerts will prevail again since someone said @ a Punk revival that “Rock ‘n Roll killed Jazz”. sing it

At Rockefeller’s Asia Society exhibition on Philippine Gold craftsmanship and advertising the nation as the 2nd largest of Gold deposits, I suppose one of Trump’s goal would be to hoard the gold for himself and to build further millionaire luxery condos.


The following rant from an email friend:

Charles Evelyn: D’Sass holdin court attah poetree jammy jam iiizzzz worth movin ah tired ass BenchNegro off D’ hardwood,yo!!!!!!

Wurd Iz Born……Yungian Style

P.S. luvz Yungian Wayz O’ RepreeeZentin at bottom O’ email,yo

JUNGIAN: I knows it fizz difficult to go out, wind & dine da “bitch” ’cause these days you gots to spend at least a couple $100s and who earns that much in a day deezz days. So I just written this for those who can’t hear the music … The counter “revolution” will not be telecast …



Charles Evelyn: Eyez….MOST in ahgreement wit Yungian email,yo!!!!!!

Hey….D’ same shit beez happenin UPTOWN at 125th St. Harlem…DAT Pathmark beez closed down TOO!!!!!!!!!

……AND durin D’ closure Eyez beez force tah shop at D’ supamarket at 1st Ave. in StuyTown…..and D’cashier wuz HANDin petitionz tah SAVE daze ass tah customers…AT THE CHECKOUT LINE!!!!!??????


Itzzzz….ALL OUT Class Warfare,yo!!!!!!!


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