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Out of Order

7 Jul

Out of Order2 (click to see photo)

When I became a whistleblower on a job “to save the children” then there is something wrong with the system. It becomes “out of order”

I had protested the budget cut that occurred at the America Museum of Natural History when hired Texans closed the subway entrance to the museum in 1995. This entrance is a direct connection, a shortcut to the museum’s cafeteria and lunchroom for school children’s visits. Unfortunately when the doors were closed, everybody had to walk out through a tunnel and turn around the corner to the main entrance that took 15 minutes to reenter the museum. Many workers were late and many people complained about this hindrance.

The complaints got to be so overwhelming that security guards, who had to hear it daily, had organized a mass meeting among the museum employees in the Kaufmann Theater. I sat and heard what had to be said. Our Union representative saw it an opportunity to recruit more workers into the DC 37 in order to take action. Then there were more frustrated complaints. Eventually, I said: “During my lunch hour, I would see school children lined up along Central Park West, waiting to enter the lunchroom. God forbid if a child were to run across the busy street to play in Central Park.” The meeting was quickly over and the museum doors were open within a week. Two weeks later, I was informed to go to the Personnel office. There I was that I had two weeks to transfer into another dept. Unfortunately, after a series of interviews and misplaced judgments, I no longer worked at there.

In the meantime, I had taken my vacation to North India to video and document Sakhyditha: Women’s Buddhist Conference. I returned with information about the Tibetan culture. This was not up to AMNH standards, anyways. Then the psychologist boy friend, believing in the “bell curve” theory that Black intelligences are inferior to Whites also made me homeless for 6 months.

18 years later, the world and American situation has become “out of order” with “fascism on the rise” in our democratic nation due to “terrorism” and acts of invasions in Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan since we are the first militaristic world power.

Susan Yung
June 13, 2013